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The Kids' Cookery School, London
The Kids’ Cookery school (KCS) is a registered charity giving children and young people the skills and knowledge needed to make healthy food choices for themselves; KCS empowers children, young people and families so that they can look forward to a healthier future. We teach students how to prepare and cook healthy fresh food from scratch, with an emphasis on reducing fat, sugar and using no salt. KCS is the first ever purpose built cookery school, located in West London. Since its foundation in 1998, KCS has given taught over 100,000 children this vital life skill in the knowledge that this will have further impact beyond that one child, to their families and, ultimately, to creating a healthier community and society. We provide fun, informative cookery classes and workshops, delivered by our highly trained KCS chefs, where students get the chance to prepare and cook delicious recipes from scratch combined with vital nutritional information. We teach children aged 3-16 years, regardless of background, learning or physical ability, how to cook. Our workshops are completely inclusive and our purpose-built teaching kitchen is designed and equipped to meet the needs of all children, especially those with special needs and disabilities, as we strongly believe every child deserves the opportunity to learn about food, where it grows and how to eat a healthy balanced diet. We also specialise in working with students who have been socially excluded, excluded from mainstream education and those with severe behavioural problems. Over 45% of our students are from black, minority or refugee groups.
With this money, we can continue to teach young people how to prepare and cook healthy dishes from scratch, using fresh ingredients, with an emphasis on understanding a balanced diet, which is low in fat, sugar and no salt. With the NHS and health system struggling to keep children safe from becoming overweight, obese and developing Type 2 Diabetes, along with many other diet-related health problems, learning to prepare and cook fresh food from scratch can make a real difference to these children’s lives. In contrast, with many of our students living in poverty and disadvantage, KCS gives them the opportunity to eat a wholesome meal and teaches them the importance of eating healthy, nutritious food. With cookery taken off many school curriculum's and schools having a lack of kitchen facilities, KCS provides those children who don’t have the access to cooking, the opportunity to do so and open their eyes to learning a new found culinary skill, one that will be vital throughout their lives. By eating a healthy diet, these children can gain an education, sustain a healthy weight, thus avoiding diet-related health problems, and feel good about themselves. We believe that the only way to achieve this is through early intervention.
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We are looking to help small, local community projects and groups through our GALAXY Hot Chocolate Fund.

From November 7th 2016 until February 26th 2017, we are seeking to award a total of seventy, £300 donations to help community groups and people across UK and Ireland.

Five donations will be awarded each week, four by our panel of judges and one through the People’s Choice award to the organisation with the most weekly votes.   

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