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Aperire Ltd, North Wales
Aperire Ltd is a non profit Educational company with a core purpose of opening the doors to learning for all young people. The company focuses on children in the community from the age of 5-18 and additionally supports and links with a large number of local community professionals, teachers, coaches and clubs. Community We have been trading for five years. LEAP programme is a young people’s futures programme aimed at support children in the community so that they have confidence, resilience, skill set and commitment to be successful in the 21st Century. The progamme will focus on children from the age of 11-18 with the aim of transforming the outlook of those who are most in need of support; including Additional learning needs, deprivation, emotional Health or those who are talented but require educational support in order to have the time to flourish within their area of talent.
Prize money will be used to pay for our leaders to attend different types of training to gain qualifications that will help them gain confidence and progress them towards the future. Equipment for our many workshops will be bought such as sports equipment including nets,balls,rackets and bibs for the kids, drama equipment such as costumes and puppets will be greatly appreciated and will enhance the drama leaders confidence and the enjoyment of the kids.
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We are looking to help small, local community projects and groups through our GALAXY Hot Chocolate Fund.

From November 7th 2016 until February 26th 2017, we are seeking to award a total of seventy, £300 donations to help community groups and people across UK and Ireland.

Five donations will be awarded each week, four by our panel of judges and one through the People’s Choice award to the organisation with the most weekly votes.   

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